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Seaside resort in Jacqueville

This is the story of a seaside resort not far from the ocean, offering a shady, cool, comfortable haven for weekends away from the hustle and bustle of the pearl of the lagoons, Abidjan.

Outdoor life

Imagine strolling through the aisles of a multi-programme building that's totally open and naturally ventilated, bathed in the coolness provided by an elegant shade made from a careful weave of bamboo. Different levels for different uses: you can do it all in Jacqueville's future seaside resort.

Enscape_2023-05-05-00-18-47 2.png
Enscape_2023-05-05-00-13-02 2.png

Hybrid uses

The project, which features a mixed-use program (parking lot, garden patios, ponds, market, food court, restaurants, games rooms, furnished accommodation), proposes a strong architectural approach, adapted to the region's Atrean (humid tropical) climate and to the future development of tourism in Jacqueville.

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