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A podcast to demystify starting a new type of architecture practice

Discover business innovators, free thinkers, and new models for making while we learn to structure our practice. Do good and make good architecture... And make a living? Is it possible?

Listen our conversation wirh young, innovative architecture, urban planning and landscape design agencies through interviews broadcast every 15 days!


We are Éléonore Levieux & Carrie Wilbert, urban planning architects and co-founders of the Franco-American agency Sierra!


We wanted to launch this podcast to discover other ways of working and to dissect the approaches of today's entrepreneurs!

For this first season of the podcast, we'll be exploring several topics together: 

Solidarity between the different players in the construction industry;

The hidden side of starting up an agency;

Tips for adapting to the difficulties of entrepreneurial life.



Here, we want to create an exchange around the following questions: Is it possible to do good and make good architecture? Is it possible to design committed projects and produce quality architecture? While earning a living? When you're a young agency? 



Through interviews with emerging studios, we hope this podcast will give you the inspiration and tools you need to start your own practice!



We hope you enjoy listening!


An Architecture Podcast for Optimists by sierra


Season 1. Conversation in French. About 30 minutes.

Hosted by Sierra

Sierra is a new practice founded by Eleonore & Carrie to focus on projects at the midpoint of social architecture and resilient urban design based in New York City and Paris. From the plains of Kansas to the beaches of Reunion Island common themes and values tie the practice together in a mission to design better in our changing world.

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